User error, was: After installing Amiquote 4.02 all the graphs based on Volume disappeared


I have just installed Amiquote 4.02 and decided to download the data from Quandl starting from 1994 (although I have had them, but after installing new Amiquote version I decided to download them once again). I did so and to my astonishment the graphs that have been so far displayed so nicely, now disappeared – I mean CandleVolume, Volume at Price, Volume at Price Multi. I checked the Quote Editor – seems that the Volume and Open Interest data have not been downloaded. My Amibroker version is 6.20.1

What went wrong?



Installation of AmiQuote has absolutely NOTHING to do with that.

Check your DATA (text files that were downloaded inside Downloads folder). Apparently they don't come with volume or volume is at wrong column.

Well, I am afraid the installation of 4.02 Amiquote has had at least SOMETHING with that, simply because the previous version of Amiquote which was 3.30 worked perfectly well. The problems started immediately after upgrading to 4.02. So I decided to install once again 3.30 and you know what? All graphs were displayed! After that I decided to repeat the experiment with installing 4.02 and… the problems returned. So I looked through the Import Wizard to Format files – the fields in the data file were changed. I don’t know, how it happened? I did not touch them in the process of installation of 4.02. I simply installed 4.02. Anyway – I defined the fields once again and now 4.02 works correctly.

No, it doesn't. AmiQuote is used by thousands of users and if there is anything wrong, I get hundreds of emails within ONE MINUTE. Since I don't get them, there is no problem in the program.
Also AmiQuote does NOT touch Import wizard.

So it is user error.