User mistake, was: GetFnData("EPS") - wrong results

when I try this command to get earnings


I receive always the same (last) earnings.
When I use explorer on date 4.1.2000 (for example) I see correct Close, Volume, etc BUT today's earnings...

I am using Norgate Data (Premium package).

Can anybody help me?

The results are correct.

Read the manual

It very clearly says:

To access fundamental data from AFL level you can use new GetFnData function. It has quite simple syntax:


where "field" is any of the following fundamental data field supported. For detailed list please see GetFnData function reference.

The function returns the number (scalar) representing current value of fundamental data item. There is no history of values (no arrays are returned), so it is useful for scanning, explorations (for current situation), market commentary / interpretation, but not for backtesting.