User resized symbol column down to zero, was: Symbol list not visible

For some wierd reason, I am not able to see the symbols, though, the charts are changing when I scroll thru the watchlist.

Using the lastest version of AB.


Nothing strange. It is all result of your own actions. Some people just randomly click all the places without thinking and 2 seconds after they don't know what they did.

So here it is what you did: You have resized down to zero "Symbol" column and you are left with "Full name" column only yet your database does not have any full names.

Click on divider and resize BACK column to non-zero width


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Addition to previous post:

Alternativally to clicking divider...

  1. Click on any symbol row one time
  2. Hit CTRL + ALT + Numpad's "+" (plus) key

Then Symbol column will be visible again too.

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I am embarrassed by my actions. Thanks for the solutions @Tomasz

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Thanks @fxshrat - cool shortcut!

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