Using AddToComposite to output a formula value to Aux1 in the same ticker

This has been touched on in several posts but not definitively.
I am trying to feed the result of a scan calculation to the Aux1 field for that bar, for that security (not in a separately created ~composite).

Is it possible?

The following formula does not work:

AddToComposite(myFormula, Name(), "2");

Can anyone help?

You did not say what data source are you using. Plug-in-driven databases are controlled by the plug-in and as such you can’t update data delivered by the plugin, so composites need to use new symbols that are not controlled by the plug-in.

Recommended reading, Users guide:

I am not using a plugin. The 'myFormula' array would come from a calculation within the scan.
I want to scan through a watchlist and put the value of the formula to Aux1 in the same security being scanned.
It appears not to be possible. Am I correct?

Quite obviously this would be very dangerous if allowed because by default addtocomposite deletes existing data prior to adding
Please read the docs

Thanks Tomasz, it's all clear now.

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