Using Amibroker in dropbox or in a cloud

Has anyone tried using Amibroker in one of the various online cloud programs?
It would be handy to use any computer that's available and save or your data on the cloud.
Would that even work?
I'd be interested to hear from someone who has tried it

Cloud in the meaning of remote server for everything or cloud in the meaning of file only storage?

Remote server (in the meaning that everything is run on remote server) is OK (technically).

If file only storage - you feel fancy replacing local drive that has something like 500MB/second read/write speed and sub ms access time with "cloud" storage accessible with latency >200ms and 1000x worse read/write speed making it 1000 slower to access data, then you could but why would any person would do that?

File synchronization between multiple computers is best done "on demand" when and only when you decide to do so and when program(s) do not simultaneously write to the file(s). Also due to nature of database-driven programs (like AmiBroker), files must not be "naively" (bidirectionally) synced. They should be copied from one location to another, but not in both directions because many files must be kept consistent with each other (read layouts, quotes, watch lists, etc).


Ok. Thanks. I'm not to knowledgeable about the whole cloud thing. I didn't realise how slow it would become and such.