Using ApplyStop to exit at small profit instead of breakeven at 0

The code below from (AFL Function Reference - APPLYSTOP) executes break-even after price reaches 10% profit.

// Activation floor example 1:
// Break-Even stop with 10% activation floor amount
// activation amount is last 9th argument
ApplyStop( stopTypeLoss , stopModePercent , 0, True , False , 0, 0, -1, 10 );

Suppose I want to exit at 1% profit, not breakeven at 0%, when 10% profit target is reached. How can ApplyStop() be used to achieve this?

Max loss stop prevents big loses.
For locking on profits use profit target and/or trailing stops.
For example: Use 9% trailing stop instead. You can activate it at 10% to achieve exactly what you wrote.


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