Using different tables for different databases

I am trying to run two instances of Amibroker with different amibroker databases. I'd like to configure the ODBC plugin to pull data from different tables. I have one table for Options and another for Equity.

When I change the table name or custom query in the ODBC plugin configuration and close and reopen Amibroker, both databases start to use the same config. Would it be possible to have Amibroker database specific ODBC configuration?

This is the screenshot of the config page I'm referring to. The config here seem to be shared across amibroker databases. Is this understanding correct? Can I have two ODBC configs (different tables, column names etc)?

@Tomasz it would be wonderful if you could take a look at this query when you get the chance.

As described here:

The ODBC plugin is provided with SOURCE CODE you can modify it to your needs.
By default settings are stored in per-user windows registry (HKEY_CURRENT_USER).
You can modify it to store settings somewhere else.

Thanks for sharing the details @Tomasz . I'll try to run as a different user first and then look into modifying the source.