Using different Time Frames looks wrong on Chart

Hello guys,
I am trying to understand how to use different time frames.
Basically I have 5 sec chart, but I want to use signals from 1 minute.
I've started small and tried to plot 1 minute price with this code:

MinuteClose = Close;

Plot( TimeFrameExpand(MinuteClose, in1Minute), "Close", colorDefault, styleNoLabel | styleNoTitle );

As a result I've got chart like on the image:

For some reason before 10:00 chart looks as I'd expect it. But after 10:00 it's "squeezed" 1 min price.

What am I doing wrong?

Thank you.

OK, mystery solved.
The difference between left and right sides of the chart is that before 10:00 data was imported, that's why it's shown as 5 sec bars. And after 10:00 data was obtained in real-time. Which is limited to 1 min because I have a free version.