Using GfxCircle function

I have a screen with yellow background.
the formula
GfxSelectSolidBrush( colorred) ;

produces a red circle with a wide black outer band image

How can I control the thickness of the outer black band or eliminate it?

Everything is in the manual: Using low-level graphics

Generally each 2D figure has two attributes:

  • a pen (for outline)
  • a brush (for interior)

A pen is selectable by GfxSelectPen function.

So you can use it for outer band and set it color to red too if you want just red circle.

You can also use so called "Null" pen using GfxSelectStockObject function. Null pen is a pen that has no width (it does not draw anything), if you want no outline at all. Please keep in mind that obviously you won't be able to draw any visible lines with null pen.

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