Using input chains


How many people use "chained" or multi-step afl scripts that take some ~~~STUFF generated by previous steps as input?

For instance, the 1st step creating raw signals (BUY = MA(50) > MA(200);) and recording ~~~DACE daily average chg % of exits, the 2nd step using the same signal but not buying if ~~~DACE < 0 and recording the ~~~EQUITY and the 3rd step additionally using the condition that the ~~~EQUITY recorded in the 2nd step should not be below HIGHEST*0.95. I think about it in the terms of risk management but there are certainly other applications.

A 2-step system would be easier to implement: build the model as usual with specifying the BUY and SELL conditions and the sizing rules and add the additional conditions to the part that submits live orders to the ibc or whatever. But a 3-step system would already require 2 different scripts, executed in a row by a batch file as far as I can understand.

Is this technique common?

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