Using Plot only on day session ( RTH )

I Have a mix of day/night data on the same intraday chart pane, i would like to know if it's possible to plot lines using PLOT on the day session only, so that the "Plot" starts/stops after a certain time each day?

You mention just Plot without example and exact goal.
How to ask a good question

"starts/stops" may mean anything.

If you just want to prevent array from being drawn then you may use IIf() function.
In that case set array to NULL if it is not within day session.

source_array = /*...*/;
session_array = IIf(is_day_session, source_array, Null);
Plot( session_array, "Day Session Array", colorRed, styleLine);

If calculations are involved were you want them to consider only day and night sessions separately then you may use Sparse* functions.

As you can see two different things related to "starts/stops".


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