Using Specific Format with Batch to EXPORT Data In certain format

This basically relates to Batch processing. A step in the batch process involves an exploration, results of which are exported to csv file. This file I intend to use as an import file for another database. Now by default it can export to a .csv but instead I want an extension say .xyz. Here xyz is a format type. Since this is an intermediate step, it’s essential as an automatic process.

As for normal excel, it allows you to save in a different extension even though the file type remains as csv

Use shell execute to rename the file afterwards.

From within the batch UI?

@pushkan, you can use the “Execute and Wait” command from within the Amibroker batch UI, invoking the cmd.exe command.
For instance

cmd.exe /c rename "C:\Program Files (x86)\AmiBroker\Export\SP500_Daily_Volume_Movers.html"  "SP500VolumeMovers.htm"

The Dos/Windows “rename” command allows only to rename files in the same folder (note that in the above example, only the first parameter has the full path specification).

See this link for additional documentation and examples on how to use cmd.exe


Or simply .BAT file.

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Worked out very well. Many thanks

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Well it may seem a bit "newbie", but thought maybe this would help
I wanted to add a second level of automation wherein I used an external program (7zip) that works on cmd. I wish to put in a few screenshots:
First is the long hand way of extraction through the cmd
Extraction through cmd
The second is the requirement of 7za.exe to be put in Amibroker folder under Program files (It being the default directory from where the cmd is triggered.
The third step involves Execute and wait:
cmd.exe /c 7za e "C:\Users\PSK\Downloads\EOD Files\" -o"C:\Users\PSK\Downloads\EOD Files"
The first quotes being the path to zip file and second quoted indicating the output directory
The same would trigger a window in overwrite