Using watch Window when strategy runs in higher timeframe than data

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Apologies for what I myself deem as basic question but that I have not been able to sort after looking in the forum for several days.

I am trying to backtest a strategy that runs in the 5 minutes timeframe, when I am receiving 1min live data to my DB. I work with lots of different arrays, so I have been debugging my code using the arrays tab on the watch window when I was working with 1m strats. Now that I want to debug a 5min strat, I found out that the watch window still shows all 1 min arrays. Is there a way for the watch window to show the 5min arrays values?

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The Watch window will run in the Context of Debugger.

Goto Tools > Preferences > Debugger.

From here you can take it, I presume :slight_smile:

Scroll to the near bottom

Bar interval - decides if debugger uses Base time interval or current Chart interval. The default is " Use base time interval " because there can be no chart open at all!


oh gosh! I had read that article 3-4 times and still....

thanks a lot for this @travick, much appreciated!


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