Value of the indicator equals -nan(ind)

what causes -nan(ind) as value of the indicator in the Title ?
The same indicator displays a correct value on an empty chart, but -nan(ind) on others.

@_AF, before posting, it is advisable to always do a search in the forum.

This past reply from @Tomasz suggests some condition that could result in a nan ("Not a number").

If you want to receive a more detailed answer, you should post the your formula that generates the nan values ​​for you.

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Thanks for the response. Just curious how is it possible that the same formula does NOT give any errors on an empty pane (just the indicator) and gives "Not a Number" when there are other indicators on the same pane for the same symbol and the same chart interval !!

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Some formulas may refer to user changeable/definable field. In the absence of other indicators it may refer to Close price, but if other indicator is dragged, the code may now refer to other indicator value and that input may be invalid or producing say zero in denominator of division.