Variables O H L C in AFL and also OI (if any), documentation for. .


I had been using export of OHLC-V data using much useful previous post given below, which further I modified to fit my requirement.

However, I have few open ends of understanding. . .

1> I could find variables OHLC used in above example, for if they are predefined elsewhere.
2> Wished to know if there is any such variable for Open Interest (OI).

What I did...

A> Searched Amibroker Forum here for above literals for definition related clues, but did not find

B> Searched Amibroker Reference Manual for same, but without success.

May be its there, but I am not reaching it.

Any clues will be much useful.

Thanks for your time


Reference: Lines such as " StrFormat( "%g,%g,%g,%g,%g\n", O[ i ], H[ i ], L[ i ], C[ i ], V[ i ] );" in above example.


(For your immediate requirement please look in the ** Identifiers** - Other things on the page might also be useful)

With Regards

Sanjiv Bansal


@kedar, in addition to @Sumangalam's directions, check out this KB article which explains that there are 2 additional predefined DATA fields: AUX1 and AUX2. Search the forum for examples on how to use them.

As for the Open Interest field and the Aux fields, it is useful to note how to refer to them in the Foreign() function: you should use "I" instead of "OI " and "1" (for Aux1) and "2" (for Aux2).


Thank you 'Sumangalam' and 'beppe'. Help came very fast (saw answers late, just now).

Oh! I missed getting into OHLC reference page in Manual previously! Hmm!

And thanks for additional note on AUXx - will be studying.

Thanks again!



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