VBA Amibroker OLE Scripts for DB assignments

I recently updated/Installed AB V6.30 64-bit. I also have installed AB V6.20 32-bit.

I have used Excel data with VBA scripts to add symbols and category assignments to my DBs. Now that I have two versions of AB installed, the VBA scripts no longer work with either version of AB. My VBA object statement is:

Set oAB = CreateObject("Broker.Application")

Note my main dbs are first populated with AB's "Update US symbol list and categories" or some similar equivalents that I use with the ASCII importer. Note the ASCII Importer is very fast and efficient for large imports. But a few dozen or so additional symbols are desired. And VBA scripts fill this need very efficiently.

Can someone help on how to manage these scripts with multi versions of AB installed?

Thank you.

I'm not sure if you've come across this but it is a good start

@JGunn, not sure why you think the ASCII importer is not suited for smaller batches. You may have to set up different formats (a one time issue) for each, then you just reference the proper format for each as you bring them in.

Anyway, a question for you... Are you using a Single Database for both the 32/64 bit versions of AB? You can. The bitness of the program does not impact the database. This could potentially cut your maintenance in half....

As to the VBA scripts, I don't use them with AB, so can't help out on that issue. Hopefully others will be able to point you in a helpful direction.

See also these tips for using OLE:

I agree ASCII Importer works with both smaller and larger batches. But i am very proficient with Excel/VBA and am usually more efficient with VBA. Larger batches seem to require the speed of AB's ASCII importer, but not smaller batches.

I had noticed I could open my AB 32 bit version Databases in AB 64-bit. But I am uncertain if these 32-bit ver. DBs can be updated using AmiQuote 64-bit version?

Thanks for your response.

Your AB launching suggestion worked, but with AB 64-bit problems. If I open AB, then execute the below Excel VBA code, I get the following error messages in AB popup window:

"The following plugins: CMAE.dll, DDE.dll, eSignal.dll, ..., etc. are 64-bit and can not be loaded into 32-bit version of Amibroker that you are now running. ..,.."

I close the AB popup and my VBA macros seems to work. But I am uncertain if I am seeing returns from AB 32-bit version or 64-bit version?

I am using Excel 32-bit version.

Thank you for your input.

' Excel VBA Code below
Sub test()
Set amibroker = CreateObject("broker.application")
 numberofquotes = amibroker.Stocks("bby").Quotations.Count
End Sub