Versions before 6.0 are NOT supported, was DateTimeFormat is undefinied

I am trying to export data but when formating the date DATETIMEFORMAT function is undefined!

afl%5D|397x61 .

I have also tried DateTimeToStr( datetime, 4) for date and DateTimeToStr( datetime, 5 ) but DateTimeToStr is Showing "TOO MANY ARGUMENTS".

I am stuck in dateformat , tried many things but not able to work .any help would be appreciated.

@Sarohadesh, the DateTimeFormat function is officially available from version 6.20 of AmiBroker. What version are you using?

(Re the version numbering, please, see this previous post).

Ohk, Thanks for reply. I am using 5.7.
Is it any way out to format or break date and time .

@Sarohadesh also the ISO formatting variations of the DateTimeFormat() function were introduced in a more recent version:

CHANGES FOR VERSION 6.15.0 (as compared to 6.14.0)
AFL: new modes added to DateTimeToStr() that use ISO regardless of regional settings mode = 3 (iso date and time YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS) HH:MM:SS part is only included for non-EOD records, 4 (iso date only YYYY-MM-DD), 5 (iso time only HH:MM:SS)

So, to use these ISO modes (and a ton of other great features) you need to upgrade! (By the way, this forum supports only versions >= 6.0).

In any case, you can try to use the function without any parameter and the split the resulting string using some of the many AFL string manipulations functions.

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Minimum supported version is 6.0 and YOU SHALL NOT USE cracked software !