Vertical tracking line movement alignment

I am using 2 panes.. one for daily interval and another for weekly.

When I am going through the bars from left to right in daily interval pane, the vertical line moving. But in the to weekly pane, there is no vertical line movement is seen.
Is there any way to align this movement in seperate panes so that when the vertical line in Daily interval related pane moves, the vertical line in weekly pane also moves so that the vertical line is visible in both panes?

A screenshot would have helped presnting my query in better way, but trust I am able to communicate my query.

@saritguha If you have the same symbol displayed on both charts, you don't need any additional AFL code. Just link those charts using Symbol link Icon. See here: Link. You will get selector line synchronization for free.

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@saritguha, see also this interesting alternative using panes.

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@saritguha following @beppe's link, you can see how to display two different timeframes using one chart with two panes.

This example shows how using an identical configuration (one chart with two panes) you can easily (no additional coding) display two different symbols and have vertical line synchronization. It might not be an ideal solution in some cases, but if both issues are liquid (few data holes) it works quite well:

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Thanks all for your suggestions. But I think I was not able to communicate the issue without apicutre. hence tried to upload the same.

Please see lower right hand side chart in picture 1 and 2. In one, cwhen the vertical line in maint chart is moving, the same is moving in the other chart . But in the picture 2, you will see that when the vertical line in main chart is shifted to the right, the vertical line in the other chart is not visible i.e. out of screen. How can I make Vertical Line visible in both the charts.



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Just scroll the chart.

Another way - zoom out the (smaller) chart. How can you expect to see this (auto synced) selector line in the smaller chart if in the bigger chart it enters the period not visible in the smaller one?

By the definition the selector line in the weekly chart is moving less often, because one weekly candle covers at least 5 daily candles.

@saritguha, alternatively use the code posted in this thread (the formula provided uses OLE to achieve the synchronization of multiple charts):

Thanks to all of you. As my AFL and OLE knowledge is a bit limited, I will have to explore. Let me do that and come back if I need further help.

able to configure it.. working perfectly.. Thanks a lot beppe.

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