Volume number changing when above 10 million

Hi all, I just realised today that whenever I import (csv) or manually input volume data above 10 million, It will change to some other number. Example, if I enter 48484800 in volume space in the Quote Editor, it will automatically change to 48484799.2775202 after I click at other place (loose focus).

I’m using Amibroker Professional 6.16.0. in Windows 10 pro.

Appreciate any comments.

No, it doesn't.


(Current latest version 6.27.1)

But then to anyone thinking that computes work in decimal system or have infinite accuracy: volume is stored as floating point as any other number and it is subject to IEEE standard as described here:

One has to keep in mind that numbers in computer are NOT DECIMAL. They are binary. What you see on screen is the result of formatting binary number to user-readable decimal string.

As written in the document you have 7 significant digits so volume is just 48484.80K shares.