Walk Forward Optimization parameters

When I do a walk forward I want to see the optimized parameters for each OOS. I have searched this forum and saw someone mention a Walk Forward tab, but I don't see one. I open Analysis-Report Explorer and it shows the OOS but does not show the parameters. I scrolled all the way to the right and the last column is L.Avg Bars Held. I copy the Report Explorer data into an excel spreadsheet and now I see 12 additional unnamed columns, none of which look like my parameters.

Walk forward tab is directly in the Analysis window (Results / Info / Walk forward) and is only visible after you run walk-forward test.

The users' manual, not the forum is first place to look for help, it contains all necessary information to run WF:

With your symbol chart displayed, go to the upper ribbon to Analysis, select New, to create a new Anaylsis tab, insert your AFL formula and run, the Walk Forward tab is at the Bottom of that window. The tabs at the bottom are Results List, Info, Walk Forward

Thanks. I just didn't see that.

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