Want to buy amibroker, pls guide

i want to buy amibroker for personal use but i m having few queries

  1. which version or type i should go for?
  2. whats the exact rupees to be paid?
  3. one of my friend is having an old version with life time validity, someone from your side is asking Rs 10000 for upgrading it? is it true charge?
  4. i dont understand your policies under which u r not providing any customer care number because how one person can spend a huge amount without understanding pros and cons of a software including its practiacality in his personal trading style?
    pls help
    mobile no

there are discrepancies in the videos to install the trial version and the actual trial version installation process steps. like for example, in video they r showing to select variuos options to install the variant like full installation with or without RT feeds but while installing the trial version as downloaded from ur website, it showing only one option and that is "full installation"
pls help

Since you are from India, here is a FAQ http://www.amibroker.com/indiafaq.html that answers your questions.
If you are looking for hand-holding via phone we seriously advice looking for some other software, as our software is not really targeted for beginners. It is advanced tool, for advanced computer literate people.
Like you don’t buy Matlab if you don’t know what linear algebra is.

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Thanks for Ur reply sir.
Soon I'm going to buy professional version. Pls help me , how to set alert for ...if any of my 210 stocks price cross the EMA 36 from top to down.

good morning all.
can someone help me please to create an alert ...

  1. time frame -- DAILY
  2. indicator --- OBV
  3. i want to get an alert as soon the value of PREVIOUS DAY'S OBV either goes UP or DOWN by 2% of the PREVIOUS DAY'S value on daily charts.

Please help me for this. Thanks for anticipation.

Congratulations for trying Amibroker.
It is by far the best solution and a wonderful software.

If you wanna use it, you will have to learn how to code. There is no other way.

The code you wanna make is simple, that is a good way to start learning.

Please take a look at alertif(), ema(), cross().
After that obv(), roc(), abs().
Just google "amibroker alertif()".

Maybe plot() and plotshapes(). You will find examples online.

You will also need to learn how Analysis works.

I suppose you will use it on EOD data.
EOD or Realtime, you will need a datafeeder. If you don't have it yet, you can test your code as an indicator using bar replay.

If an Analysis code is made, just run an exploration.

You will figure things out while you learn, step by step.


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