Want to plot multiple symbols on single screen

hello, i want to plot multiple symbols on single window... so is there any possibility i can plot..

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@dharminnaik, hi.

I'm not sure about what you want to achieve, but maybe these previous posts will be useful to you:

It is also possible to write (or find) some more advanced multiple-charts AFL code (using low-level graphics functions) to create layouts similar to the StockCharts CandleGlance views that will dynamically arrange many symbols in multiple rows/columns.

With AmiBroker possibilities are almost endless!

like.. i can show from metastock....

Then all you need is already in the first thread I linked above!
Study the @portfoliobuilder answer and spend some time to look also at the related video (while the recording is a bit old, the way to handle the layouts essentially is still the same).

SORRYYYY.. i think you ddint get me.. this is not what i want....:confused:

actually i want to compare two different stock-index....
also one thing i can compare in amibroker using Foreign Function... but it shows only line chart.. i want candle style....
I found this code somewhere ....
Plot(Foreign("ticker","Close"),"ticker name",6,styleOwnScale|1);
Plot(Foreign("ticker","Close"),"ticker name",3,styleOwnScale|1);

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Done as per the above instructions. I prefer more colors, but you can also plot in full black & white....

See also this answer from @Milosz (again was in the first answer links).

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i know this.. right now i have only one option which u shown..
this is just layout sir..
see i found smthing on internet...

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@dharminnaik, if you play a little bit with AmiBroker, you can Insert "Price (foreign)" from the Basic Charts and you will get a second (froeign) price plot.

Check out the AmiBroker Help to get the User's Guide - Contents - Tutorial.

Reading that should show you how to do what you are apparently asking.