Warning 514 - you can't have NEW LINES in parameter names

Dear Tomaz!
I am newer. I am learning AFL. Today I have got Warning 514 . please help me how to fix it .

My code as :

offset = Param( "Offset", 2, 1, 50, 1 );
tc = ParamList( "Channel Display", List = "No Channel|Channel|ChannelRT|Both
Channels", 1 );         /// Warning 514 show here is A new line character found in string literal
ms = ParamToggle( "Channel", "Regular|Smoothed", 1 ); 

Thks for your help

@Huynq99, it is exactly as per the warning you got!

You need to remove the newline character that is present in your string after 'Both':
Replace the offending line with:

tc = ParamList( "Channel Display", "No Channel|Channel|ChannelRT|Both Channels", 1 ); 

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