Warning 901: chart incomplete, rendering timeout reached

Dear esteemed members of the Forum,
I faced a very troublesome error during live market hours today (pic attached) where the plots were appearing /disappearing and of course i couldn't resolve it and had to call it a day.
I tried reading the forum and could understand it has to something with the memory or something....but couldn't find how to resolve it.
Any help regarding this would be highly appreciated.


  1. I have removed amibroker folder from antivirus scan

  2. There is no looping in the code ( rather the same code i have been using for 2 months now with no problem whatsoever.

  3. yes, i mark a lot of trend lines and rectangles on the chart, however, i don't think it should be the problem

  4. I am displaying multiple charts ( 10-12 charts at a time), if that could be a reason.. however, i have used more than 20-30 display charts in the past and it was fine.

kindly help
Thanks in AdvanceRendering error

Are you running on Amazon VPS ? If you do, don't.

Secondly, your question isn't clear enough and does not provide all necessary details to give you an answer. Please follow this advice: How to ask a good question

In short: SHOW THE CODE.

Dear Tomasz,
Thank you for your kind attention towards my query.

No, i am not using any cloud service, i have a physical desktop with ryzen 5 processor and 16 gb ram ( to give a brief insight)

I checked the performance factors like load factor, (40%) chart refresh time etc...they all look quite under control to me. Once in a while load factor shoots up in real time and i have to restart the ami.
However, this rendering issue is happening irrespective of that.

And for this particular chart, i am not using any code. Just price with vwap.
Although, i have marked several (20 plus) horizontal trend lines/levels

ANY chart uses code.

This is the vwap code i have used for plotting. Rest is just default price.


Bars_so_far_today = 1 + BarsSince( Day() != Ref(Day(), -1));
StartBar = ValueWhen(TimeNum() == 091500, BarIndex());
TodayVolume = Sum(V,Bars_so_far_today);
IIf (BarIndex() >= StartBar, VWAP = Sum (C * V, Bars_so_far_today  ) /
Plot (VWAP,"VWAP",colorOrange, styleThick);


this is how the plot looks like under normal scenario. Just vwap, price and my manually marked prices


But this sceenshot shows just 65ms rendering time (20 times less), so obviously it is something different than what you were using previously.

Thats precisely the case, when i pull up or down the chart... it sometimes comes back and when i move it again... this error comes.

Not sure what i am missing here.

System wise i have been using the same config for 1.5 years now.

Restart your computer. Sometimes Windows goes crazy and restart magically heals it.

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Sure sir,

Let me try that.