Warsaw Stock Exchange

Just got the news from Interactive Brokers that they have added Warsaw Stock Exchange to their supported exchanges. Nice addition and I am quite curious how local brokerages will respond to this competitive move.

That seems to be very good news. They were to start in March, but the whole prosess took longer than they expected:

The good side of IB operating on Polish market is that it would be the second broker allowing to place orders on WSE (via their API) directly from AmiBroker. The other broker is BOSSA:

But frankly, I don't know if they have really started, because there's almost no information about this fact in Poland (maybe it will change).

I hoped, that it would be possible to open their account in Poland and make a deposit in Polish currency (PLN), but probably that is not the case. I can't even find their website in Polish - probably it doesn't exist. If the only thing, that has changed is the fact, that they allow to trade some of Polish stocks, that is good news for their clients (who already have an account) but I don't expect that many Polish individual investors would open an account just to be able to trade Polish stocks. We have many local brokerage companies. Those who recognise many other IB benefits might have opened their account earlier.

Besides, as I can see, only a small fraction of Polish stocks is available for trading - currently only 67!


We will see if they do anything else apart from adding a small fraction of Polish stocks to their vast universe of issues from all over the world. I hope they do, and in that case, I am ready to open an account.


But they don’t have futures only stock :frowning_face:

I would like to add a Poland database to my AmiBroker installation.
I did some preliminary tests (with a limited number of tickers) and saw that Stooq (via AmiQuote) is a good provider of the EOD quotes.

Now I wonder if anyone here could kindly point me to some site/service where to download a complete list of the tickers (ideally including also the full name and the sectors/Industries, belonging to indices, etc.; even better if the sectors/industries are in English). Otherwise, I will be forced to do some web scraping from GPW site…

P.S. Why all the companies in addition to the ticker seem to have a sort of alias? I.e. BHW - Bank Handlowy w Warszawie (HANDLOWY)

Hello Giuseppe,

I’m afraid I am not the best person to reply to this topic, because for years I’ve been using mainly RT Data Plugins which provide me with all data that I need. I hope that you will receive a response from some other Polish users who will point you to the right direction.

With refrence to the names of the companies - it all depends on naming conventions, but most data providers prefer 3 letter Name of the company and longer Full Name - for example (CDR - CDPROJEKT, KGH - KGHM, BHW - HANDLOWY etc.)

Stooq is a good data provider. I don’t know where you can find information about sectors/industries in English. If nobody else responds, I can PM you the ticker list that I am using, but I don’t know if it’s of any use in case of Amiquote and Stooq.

Here you can find some popular websites with Polish stock quotes in different formats:


BTW - You can find some really interesting companies on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. For example someone who invested in CD PROJEKT (developer of The Witcher) could have earned more than 1500% in 5 years :+1:

Best :slight_smile:


thanks for your answer.

I will wait some days and then if no one answers, I will look at the sites you provided and see what I can get from there.

In the worst case, it could be a good exercise for me to test some Python stuff recently learned (web download/parsing/regular expressions) to see if I can automate a good part of the task! (I dabble in multiple programming languages).

Best regards. Ciao


Now even such tasks can be done entirely in AFL - using Internet functions and String manipulation, but I’m sure you won’t need that in this case :slight_smile: