Watch list - arranging symbols in a specific order and adding a blank space


Symbols in Watchlists are automatically sorted in alphabetical order in my Amibroker. My requirement is to arrange them in a specific order. I found in the forum info on how to sort the symbols based on rank etc., but my requirement is that the symbols should appear the way I add them to the watchlist or the way I arrange them in the watchlistname.tls. Is this possible ? Currently, even when I arrange symbols in a specific order in watchlistname.tls, they automatically are arranged in alphabetical order when I start Amibroker.

Another requirement is to introduce a blank or separator in to the watch list to separate some symbols from others. This requirement is to separate stocks which are selected for potential shorting from the stocks which are selected for longs. I know that I can have two separate watchlists, one for shorting and one for longs. But in intraday environment I would like to see the complete list in one watchlist.

Thanks in advance for any help. Regards.

No, they are NOT.

Because of incorrect assumption that you have made, the reminder of the post is just irrelevant/incorrect.


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Thank you Tomasz for the reply. There is so much to learn about Amibroker !

Is there a way of introducing a blank or separator in the watchlist by any chance ?

Thanks once again for taking time to reply. Regards

Well theoretically you can add any new symbol to your database, also for example symbol "-----------" and add it to your watchlist to achieve something like this:


But I don't recommend it. A fake symbol which has no quotes (if included in AA Filter settings) in some cases may cause problems. Another option is renaming some of the existing (but not used by you) symbols with some quotes or simply picking some Symbol which also doesn't meet that watchlist's criteria but you decide to use it on purpose (as it is - without renaming it) just to divide the list into two groups.

I really recommend using two separate watchlists instead.

Also read here:

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Thank you Milosz.
This solves my problem completely.
I agree with your recommendation that I should use separate watchlists for shorts and longs. However, the solution you suggested will be useful in some circumstances for me.
Thanks again for your time and kind help. Regards.

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No there isn't and there is no good reason for having one.

We advice against creating symbols like ----- as suggested by @Milosz. Such symbols would only cause headache and need for extra care when you use codes that iterate thru categories (say via CategoryGetSymbols).

If you need separation, use separate watch lists.

Yes. Having blanks could create problem in some circumstances. Best to stick to the best practices and use separate watchlists as suggested by you and Milosz.
Thanks again for your time and help.

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