Watch Lists Visual Improvement

I wonder if for next AMI Version could be included some kind of visual improvement over WatchList, as assigning colors or custom fields to their members. This way yo can easily assign visual differences between symbols for identify selected characteristics o relevance.

Here is an example, done touching up a screen capture:


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And how these colors are supposed to be allocated in your opinion? Per-symbol color or per-watchlist color?

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Hi Tomasz,

Per Symbol Always. It´s just a matter of assigning some discretional visual identifier over the watchlist components.

Tagging would also be nice. This would allow to put all symbols created by a certain strategy into a watchlist with the name of the strategy. The color of a symbol could be defined automatically by the tag name so that all symbols with the same tag have the same color.

And by iterating through the watchlist one could see through the tag additional information. For example watchlist "Moving Average Crossover" and in a tag column information like "Rising Volume" or anything else. Just an idea....

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@Tomasz if you were to institute this please make this optional as I personally find this idea very visually unappealing. Please leave us with a method to avoid turning the appearance into a young child's crayon book. The ability built into an EXPLORE to give visual indications per symbol is comprehensive and already available.

Just my personal opinion as I prefer the classic aesthetic appeal of AmiBroker's formatting.


In my proposal is always optional. By default the watchlist is just like now. You can, if you want, right click on a symbol and choose a new color for assigning, else is black as default.
Tagging can be another discretional add for the symbols.