Watchlist in APX filles

Does the APX file save the watchlist it is working with by watchlist number or watchlist name?

Want to know if the watchlist sequence is changes, the APX file will still access the correct watchlist or will it need to be updated?


APX files are human readable XML files.
Simply open it with some text editor.

Here in the example picture you can see in line 30 that it was saved watchlist 0 to include filter. So category numbers are saved to APX files.


Any idea as to where the watchlist is to be "excluded"?

Have you opened APX file via some text editor such as notepad as been advised above?
I have already marked IncludeFilter there in upper post.
So if there is an IncludeFilter there also is an ExcludeFilter.
It is even laid out with human readable English words below of IncludeFilter.
There isn't anything simpler than that, IMO.



Ok so if I read it right the following code will have a different set:

1 1 0 0 0 -1 1 -1 2 -1 3 -1 4 **_**_1_**_** 5 -1 6 -1

Therefore Category4 in this case would be for exclude watchlists

Please note that categories are actually configurable in the Filter settings window, so while default layout is Market/Group/Sector/Industry/Watchlist/GICS/ICB it can be changed by the user and then meaning of CategoryX entries in the XML file will be different.

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I just ran into a reason to ask this same question so I want to make sure I understand correctly based on my situation. I currently populate me watchlists using a batch by running .apx files. If I add a watchlist, or reorganize them in categories, am I to understand that I should re-run and save the .apx files so that they recognize the correct watchlist?