Watchlist Select and Activate from AFL

Any suggestions for using AFL (or Broker.Application) to programmatically (e.g. via paramtrigger()) select and activate a Watchlist name so it displays in the user interface Symbols tab?

See Watchlist Groups:

Here is some further clarification for my above inquiry:

Using AFL I want to:

  1. Create a parameter drop down list containing the names of my favorite watch lists.
  2. Use ParamTrigger to activate my chosen watchlist
  3. Set my chosen watchlist to display in the Symbols tab.

I understand how to accomplish Steps 1 and 2. I am seeking guidance on Step 3.

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I still consider myself to be a newbie ! Learnt a lot from this forum, learning process is slow as I have very little coding experience.

Still, on weekends I do go through the old posts at the forum !

Came across your post this morning. Creating a drop down menu is a new topic for me - have not come across it earlier.

I have no specific requirement - just want to learn how to create a drop down menu - so if you are up to it
kindly post the method to create a general drop down menu - a general code will suffice for my learning process.

Many---many thanks in advance,
warm regards,

@JEETU, it appears to me that @SwingTradeMonkey was simply using the ParamList() function in AmiBroker.


Thanks for the reply.

Can you guide me on how to create and the use of / find more information for creating a drop down menu .

Have you read the documentation?

yes, and also gone through some of the formulas where it has been used.


My request is for guidance to create drop down menu / property dialog box!

Yes I know is not the right thread name for this question. but I will answer


Jettu how you can imagine a "drop menu" in afl?.

Think about it, how it works
In every program you go to the menu and then you click on the menu file, edit ,view ,what ever you decide. Your next click is your choose under the drop menu

Let talk about amibroker menu, example how to “save”? the first think you have to do is to place the cursor to the menu and then you MUST press the mouse button and then drop menu appear, then you have to select "saveas".

So think about this. The same logic you have to follow for your gfx or gui code. First you click on Top button of the menu and another buttons will appear under the top button (vertical) or horizontal whatever you like.

There many examples in the net for drop menu but you canot find them as there are NOT under this name. hint to find them is to search for GFX functions
try here also

i dont know if i miss something else about the drop menu that you have in your mine. but i think this is the story of how to.

I send to you already 2 examples.

here is one of them

 // Drop Menu - example for Jeetu project.
 Yaxis= Param( "RECT Y-axis", 30,0,1000,1);
GuiCheckBox( "Drop Menu", 40, 10, 30, 100, 20, 1 );  // this line can be replased with GuiToggle
GuiSetColors( 40, 40, 3, colorred, colorGreen );
GfxSelectSolidBrush( colorBrightGreen );
if (GuiGetCheck(40)) Xaxis= -100; else  Xaxis= 0; // Hide/Show FTE drop menu
GfxRoundRect( Xaxis+0, Yaxis+25,  Xaxis+80, Yaxis+180,  5,  5 );
GuiCheckBox( "38.2%", 41, Xaxis+10, Yaxis+30, 100, 20, 1 );
GuiCheckBox( "61.8%", 42, Xaxis+10, Yaxis+50, 100, 20, 1 );
GuiCheckBox( "100%", 43, Xaxis+10, Yaxis+70, 100, 20, 1 );
GuiCheckBox( "1272%", 44, Xaxis+10, Yaxis+90, 100, 20, 1 );
GuiCheckBox( "161.8%", 45, Xaxis+10, Yaxis+110, 100, 20, 1 );
GuiCheckBox( "200%", 46, Xaxis+10, Yaxis+130, 100, 20, 1 );
GuiCheckBox( "261.8%", 47, Xaxis+10, Yaxis+150, 100, 20, 1 );