Watchlist with CAM Indicator

Hello Tomasz,

Is that possible to created live data watchlist with display CAM indicator signal and other multi time frame indicator ? please see attached screen shot at below.



Yes, you can have "Radarscreen-like" display in a number of ways. The easiest is exploration with Auto-Repeat mode


Auto-repeat explorations can be run as often as every second

That great, I will work on it next week.

Hello Tomsz,

Apparently I running watchlist Exploration and refresh in every 30sec but I am getting dizzy with flash, so i thinking about the Realtime Quote. Is that possible to insert multi time frame indicators with alert ?


The "flash" was on my mind for a couple of years already and back then I thought out that I may some day implement a kind of "in-place" exploration that will replace the results of auto-repeat scans/exploration so there is no "flashing" at all.

And I think it is good time to add it now :slight_smile:


Sound great Tomasz,

Now I do have issue with eSIgnal Forex live data, Since I upgrade version from 6.00.2 to 6.30.5 last week and data kept on frozen in occasion so I have manually do a force backfill.

Please advise, do I have to reset the database configuration ?


Since eSignal itself uses older version of C runtime (2005) it probably has some incompatibility with VC 2017.

Therefore please replace eSignal.dll inside "Plugins" subdirectory with the file from 6.27.1 version
(compiled with VC2005) available here:

(or zipped)

It should address the problem.

Thanks Tomasz, all looks good now.

@Tomasz I was about to ask about this "in-place" feature, it's great to see it's on his way ! :slight_smile:

By the way, could it be possible to keep the size of manually-adjusted columns between two explorations ? And hide the progression bar ? This bar is especially annoying during long-running short auto-repeated explorations...

Thanks a lot