Watchlists missing

Today I open AB and the watchlists are missing. I can see them in AmiQuote but AB seems to be looking in the wrong folder. How do I fix this?


With no disrespect, kindly check this topic out.

It is now a pattern with many of your posts being single liners and that really doesnt help with anyone troubleshooting something for you.

Now coming back to the problem, can you check the contents of the Files, in the path of the Amibroker DB that you are using.
<Path to DB>\<DB Name>\Watchlists\*
There should be files present in this directory with the watchlist names. can you verify that the files exist and the contents have the tickers that actually comprised of the ticker.

Did you have a power failure or Windows (guess work begins...) improperly shutting down etc within this period?

I'm not why you call it a one line. It was 3 sentences. Regardless, I appreciate the help.

In writing a reply, I determined what the problem is. I recently imported some Forex quotes using a procedure elsewhere on this website and as part of that, it had me create a new AB database. That is why the Watchlists are missing, they are with the original database. So I did File, Open Database and the problem is solved.

Thanks for your post.