Watermark / Embed Image

Is there anyway to watermark or embed an image in a chart? While a text can be put in using Gfx functionality, I wish to embed an image on the chart.

As of now am doing it the routine way to EDIT the exported chart and embedding the image in MS Paint

There is GfxDrawImage() function that can be used to paint any image in the background.


Thanks @Tomasz. It did work ...
While on the matter can a path to the file be given in the GfxDrawImage(). I put in a path but it returned error. But the file once placed in the Amibroker folder certainly worked out well

You need to check exactly the error message. Most likely the path given was incorrect. Note that backslash must be escaped https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Escape_character

So path correctly written uses \\ for backslash:

correct_path = "C:\\Folder1\\Folder2\\Folder3\\Filename.bmp";

So it's a \\ in place of \. Many thanks...

Moderator comment: edited to add code tags as backslashes require code tags