Ways to create a distribution chart

i'm not asking for code, just general orientation to dig deeper.

In the context of backtest results, let's say I want to know which hours of the day are the most profitable, which are the worst by plotting this on a distribution chart representing each hours / profits or loss per hour (this is just an exemple I may want to explore many such distributions).

Should I export backtest results in Spreadsheet program like excel, and go from there?
Or compute it in AB and manage to plot it.

Are both doable? Which are the pros and cons of both, thanks.

Yes, both are doable. Check out here

Pros and cons:
For spread sheet you need install additional software.
In AmiBroker you need to write code in any case.

Hi Brakkar,

Which direction did you take, AmiBroker or Excel?

Can you share your solution? I am also interested in exploring hourly results.

If not, any direction will be appreciated.