Dear All,
I am trying to get something from amiquote and paid for the same,
but I am not able to get data, I have API key and URLs too. debugging show some data is getting in response, but it comes in multiple symbols instead i am asking for single.

I will post more details if needed. Please help me to get it done, need one minute data using amiquote and my api key provided by wazirx.

You need to post your own effort. Then people may help in getting it fixed. Please follow this advice: How to ask a good question

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Thanks Dear Tomasz,
I got api key from WAZIRX, which I pasted while adding ew source in amiquote
I added name and description
I wen to debug and enter symbol btc inr.... It fetched data successfully.
But while trying to get data after adding symbols it shows successful but with 0 bars

"Your effort" means posting .ADS file with the data source definition that you created.

I have the same question regarding how to do this. Been searching far and wide and trying out random stuff with no luck. There isn't good documentation except one buried in the forums where there is an example of polygon.io where the first step involves importing a .ads file which I have no idea how to get.

Can you please provide some kind of official documentation or a series of steps on how to add an API such as the Binance API (https://api.binance.com/api/v3/exchangeInfo) into AmiQuote to pull historical data? Please don't be dismissive as before. It would be much appreciated, thank you.


Actually in AmiQuote (AQ) you can click Help > Read Me

It covers everything and i was able to create a custom data source from my Vendors API right from scratch.

1, You have to start in AQ >Data source > New
All these user defined sources are stored in AQ folder in UserDataSources.xml file

  1. Other pre-defined .ads files are stored in the sub-directory "DataSources"

  2. Just put your api like in the Image from Read me HELP File

4, There are 2 more tabs added

  1. Usually you will get JSON data from the API, so you will have to do some post-download processing. Open the .ads file samples and see how you can use JScript to manipulate JSON data.

  2. The debug tab helps to see how your final output from Javascript processing.

Its all there, i am not sure what you meant by far and wide.