WebSocket Data to Amibroker

Hello Team,
Can you please guide me? I have a webSocket which provides live data. Could you help me understand/provide pointers on how to get that live data into Amibroker?

Thank you.

You would need to use 3rd party solution/plugin as we don't have websocket client built-in in AmiBroker.

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No, since the very beginning the format of data files was BINARY so you could not see it in Notepad.

It is described how to write data plugins in the AmiBroker Development Kit, see:

Also use SEARCH, there are countless posts on plugins already on the forum.

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Thank you. Let me try all these.

@bharat.r - would it not be better to write the plugin for AmiBroker and import the data directly (rather than through Python to a file and then into AmiBroker?

You can write standalone Python code using web sockets to simply produce files that would be fed via ASCII importer or via plugin (there is an "ASCII" plugin example in the ADK)

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I was also trying excel to DDE but I am not seeing Open Interest Field. Is it not possible via DDE plugin?