Weekly Charts using IBKR data feed

When I request a weekly chart I get the message, "Not enough data available . . . "
I can access the 1 minute and other charts OK but none of the longer time frame charts.



You need to backfill more, please read

(scroll down to HOW TO USE BACKFILL FEATURE where Backfill length is discussed)

I trade with IBKR and have successfully connected Amibroker to TWS. However there seem to be some limitations -

  1. Trouble adding META symbol (META-NASDAQ-STK-USD) doesn't work;
  2. Also, I cannot access anything beyond an Hourly chart. The daily chart only shows a few bars and Weekly etc says "Not enough data" (paraphrase).

I may have something incorrectly configured.

My question: Is it better to use other data source/s in addition to TWS?

Thanks Tomasz - there is a lot to learn :slight_smile:

  1. If symbol is traded on multiple exchanges you need to specify primary exchange, it was already discussed, see META , FB, Facebook , Interactive Brokers
  2. See previous responses.
  3. Yes How to get quotes from various markets

The forum already has tons of valuable information and there are very big chances that all you wanted to know is already covered there please do search (there is a magnifying glass in the top right corner that gives you quick forum search. For example searching for "META IB" would answer first question

Hello, IB support suggested using META-ISLAND-STK. It works for me.

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