Weekly Periodicity Setting Yields Only 1st Result for NASDAQ 100 Stocks

Filter = Close;
AddColumn( Close, "Close");

Greetings: 1st post to this community as a brand new member. Thank you in advance for your insights.

When I use the AFL code, above, and the Explore function Amibroker delivers perfect results for all periodicity settings (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, etc.) for all my watch lists -- however, it yields only (1) result, Adobe, for the 'Weekly' setting when I apply it against the NASDAQ 100 watch list. All data is recent and downloaded from MetaStock.

All the AFL codes I have written for the back testing and explore functions work perfectly across all periodicity settings and Watch Lists with the exception of the 'Weekly' setting for the NASDAQ 100 list. Wondering if there is a bug or a setting I have missed for the 'Weekly' setting for this particular Watch List such that Amibroker is returning only 1 stock, Adobe. Many thanks.

Remember: there are NO bugs in AmiBroker.

But you do have problem with your formula.

Filter is NOT price. Filter is boolean. http://www.amibroker.com/guide/h_exploration.html

To get better understanding of what is happening in your code and how functions work, use advice given here: How do I debug my formula?

Check your data. Quite obviously something is wrong with the data (too few quotes, wrong watch list content).

Unfortunately your question isn't clear enough and does not provide all necessary details to give you an answer. We don't see your computer screen. We don't have access to your database. We don't know what you did. Please follow this advice: How to ask a good question