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BTW: Color theme can be changed individually in Users Profile: Preferences->Interface (as @tuzo wrote)

Any way to change background, in this forum, from black to white? I’m used to white backgrounds. And I use monitors. Two with predominately white, and one with mostly black, is hard on my eyes.
– Keith

Go to Profile->Preferences->Interface: http://forum.amibroker.com/u/{username}/preferences/interface and you can set the theme. I think in your case the URL would be http://forum.amibroker.com/u/KeithMcC/preferences/interface
Select the “Default” theme which is a lite theme.

IMO, the lite/white interface theme is much better.


The “simple” search is not that simple. It is actually live search. It queries database as you type (if you stop for a second or two) and displays search results without hitting enter at all. Just stop typing and wait for 1-2 seconds. This allows to amend search while you are typing and only hit enter if you are satisfied with suggested entries.


I'm not sure why, but with my theme set to default, my background is always stuck on dark now. Does anyone else have this problem?
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There was major update to Discourse performed yesterday and in the process apparently "Default" theme changed to dark. I have now created "Light" theme and you should be able to change it to light now.