What does -1e10 mean

I see this in many plot statements. what does -1e10 represent?

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-> Quote from there:

Null in AFL is a special "magic" value, different than zero (currently -1e10, but don't hardcode that), and it has special meaning. It means "unknown" or "empty". It is used to mark bars where data are not available / not known, for example for the very first 19 bars of 20-bar simple moving average.

-1e10 itself is very large (negative) number -> -10000000000.
See here also.

In order to check for NULL (-1e10) you should use IsNull() function.

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This means that these statements are incorrectly written. You should never ever use hard coded -1e10 value. You should always use Null constant instead.

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is this still valid in ADK (Plugin.h):

// useful macros for empty values
#define EMPTY_VAL (-1e10f)

Yes it is but you should not hard code any numeric values. Use Null in AFL, or EMPTY_VAL in DLL.