What does it take to connect to a .Net api/library?

I wish to trade through Kite Connect (https://kite.trade/forum/discussion/1994/a-curated-list-of-things-related-to-kite-connect-api). What will it take to access the kite api from amibroker. Kite api has .net, java and python interface. Will http://www.dotnetforab.com be usefull?

My requirement is that i get the return value from the kite api. for example
Order order=kiteApi.placeOrder("ES", 100, "MKT");

You can only use COM (Component Object Model) APIs directly in AFL.

I’ve used dotnetforab, for automating simple tasks, but haven’t tried it for ordering.
Their sample code includes connecting to brokerages (IB is the example used), as well as how to write real-time data plugins (I’m looking at this at the moment to feed crypto-currency market data into AmiBroker).

It depends on your familiarity with .Net, I find it very useful - I think there’s a trial period for it too, if you want to experiment.

Hello @mrwoodo,
I am also trying to achieve the same task but no success yet.