What does this ! mean?

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What does the exclamation mean when used in the following way

CondC = BarsSince(!RSI()>70) >4;

What the AFL help files says that != means 'not equal too' does that mean the RSI is not greater than 70?


! (exclamation sign) is equal to NOT and is logical Not operator.

CondC = BarsSince(! (RSI()>70)) >4;


CondC = BarsSince(NOT (RSI()>70)) >4;


CondC = BarsSince(RSI()<=70) >4;
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@Tomasz, I see that this "C" way to write the logical NOT is not cited in this document: AFL Reference Manual (same for && and ||)

I know that the explicit NOT, AND and OR are the recommended operators to use. Still, adding a short note about the alternatives will be a useful addition to the documentation.
This can avoid confusion for people unfamiliar with those "C" language operators, which, although rare, are sometimes used in formulas or code examples.


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