What is the default Gui font/size?

I can't find it documented anywhere what the default font and size are for the Gui functions. I use the default for most things but there are places where I'd like to change it and then it back to the default (with GuiSetFont). Thanks for the info.

Oh, also, there's examples of how to use GuiSetColors function, but when it comes to the defaults example where there are many -1's used instead of the default values, my question is:

If you were to set a GuiButton to its defaults without using -1's to stand in for the default values used (internally by GuiButton), what are the actual default values for all of the -1's?

It depends on your computer operating system. In Windows 10 default font is "Segoe UI", in earlier Windows versions it can be "Tahoma" or "MS Sans Serif". The size depends on Windows DPI setting.

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