What is the default ranking without positionscore

if I don't set positionscore.. what rule is used to decide what trades takes place with limited equity?

Thanks in advance

Knowledge base

AmiBroker’s portfolio backtester allows to define stock ranking and selection criteria by means of PositionScore variable. This is explained in details in the following tutorial chapter:

Portfolio-level back testing

If PositionScore is not defined or it has the same value for two or more symbols, then AmiBroker will use the following rules:

  1. transaction with greater PositionSize is preferred – the comparison method depends on the position sizing approach used in our code:
  • If we use SetPositionSize( dollarvalue, spsValue) – then $ value is compared.
  • If we use SetPositionSize( shares, spsShares) – then number of shares is used for comparison.
  • If we use SetPositionSize( perc, spsPercentOfEquity) – then % equity matters.
  1. alphabetical order
  2. long trades rather than short trades, if both occur at the same time for the same symbol.

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