What is the most profitable trading strategy?


What is the most profitable trading strategy? free or with subscriptions.
Any website?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Probably the one that you design yourself with a good robust backtest result and one that you can trust and stick to!


thanks for your suggestion but anyone can design a trading strategy. Any other suggestion?

Then design a robust profitable one and trade it!

See How to ask a good question.

I didn't mean that. I think there is a misunderstanding. I said anyone one can design a trading strategy but it doesn't mean that it is profitable. If I could design a profitable trading strategy, I didn't create a post in the forum. I asked in the forum to use your experience and knowledge and I want to ask you to help me. I have created a code (ATR) but it is not profitable. My focus is on the Forex market.
I would deeply appreciate you if you could help me in this regard.

I believe you need to re-write your post in the form of a "Help Wanted" advertisement. You're really looking to hire a money manager who "could design a profitable trading strategy" and a programmer with "experience and knowledge" of AmiBroker to put the strategy into executable code.


@ghanson, totally agree with you, in advance,
should be "Very very high reward Wanted" :smiley: .

I've spent over 12 years for this,
with much finacial knowledgement and programming skill,
but still got no any stable profitable strategy.
so if anyone can make this for me,
I'm willing to give he/she very very high reward.

Specially no any teacher with high fee tell me a 'real' profitable strategy (even they always said "I have the holly grail :beer:, so come to learn from me").

Do you know anything about agimat trading system? or trend blaster?

Please, @simon, you are 'in' AmiBroker :sunglasses:,
this means, you should be a excellent strategy maker, not a user,
if you have much money, then please buy your trend blaster or agimat.

AmiBroker is heaven for the holy grail makers, not for normal human,
You could share your idea here, sometimes help others,
You could try to create some strategies by your-self,
after some years passed, perhaps you will find the profitable system.

Do you know, there are so many Ph.D.
cannot find their holly grail at the end of their life?
Do you think you are smarter then Ph.D. (or you are)?

Sometimes this is personal destiny, and we must accept it.

Read more if you are not very rich.

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Thanks for the link. This was my response and not mocking. Anyway, thank you.

There is NO Holy Grail! They simply do not exist! So that would be the first fact to accept going forward.

But having said that, the good news is you don't need Holy Grails to make money in the markets. Just need a good robust backtested system, good money management, strong discipline with a cool head and some miles under your belt!


From what I've learned over the years, if you're trading the share market, you'll need more than one strategy and the ability to know what market condition (bull aggressive/sideways/etc) to apply each particular strategy to.

Simon, if you're new to trading - lots of reading and study ahead for you, but it's worth it.

If someone wants to sell you a trading strategy that sounds too good to be true (and they're out there for sale), then it probably is too good (to be true).

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Totally agree.
The financial market is the collective intelligence of the market. Any system to try to take a short term profit will likely be swallowed。 Cchance are like that someone smarter is out there waiting for you.

If there were a super system out there, why should the guy care to sell it? He can use unlimited leverage and collect tons of money every single day. Try to think it over.

Best wishes,

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Thanks for your comment.
What do you mean by a good back tested system? like what? could you please give me some examples?
What is the best way to have a good money management? any reference?
Thanks for your help.

A successful strategy does not depend on Amibroker or any other tool.

You would be looking for risk management, money management, exit stratgies more than entry levels etc.

For equities best way be successful is to use a buy and hold indices - passive management usually wins over active participation in the market

This has been my rules - your mileage may vary.

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I am not new to the market. I wan trading in my own country but now I want to start trading in the Forex market or US stock exchange.
One of the strategies which I think that it works is the divergence. There are too many divergences in the market but which one would turn into a surge or plunge? I am looking for your suggestion for idea, indicator, oscillator, or specified parameter for an indicator. I don't want your code.
Please, provide me some reference, I will study and I will learn. Thank you

I agree with you. So, I have to create my own trading system? for sure it should be profitable. Do you have any suggestion? any idea, indicator, oscillator? I want to start. so help me. thank you.

I think buy and hold is good way for stock like Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook
They are swallowing small companies and adding them to their companies.
It was buy and hold. So, when should I buy? Does it work in the Forex market?

I just want to tell you with good will and good wishes, that is,

"There is No Holy Grail" as @TrendSurfer said,
but keep good money management,
strong discipline with a cool head.

Further more, as you've noticed on some 'Divergence' strategies,
so those are your chances to get more here, you could:

step.1) Load your Forex data to your AmiBroker.
step.2) Write your 'Divergence' code, Backtest it,
if any problem, post your code on this forum, asking for help.

Finally, keep things simple, save other's time, save your time.

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