What is the number for today?

I'm not exactly sure how to ask the question but when telling Amibroker that you want a calculation performed on Today's information, do you use the number 0 or the number 1 to mean today? Since -1 is yesterday I would assume 0 is today but this question has been bugging me.

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You don't say which interval you refer to.

But on EOD:

/// EOD example
today_condition = Cross(C,MA(C,50));
/// @link http://www.amibroker.com/guide/afl/ref.html
yesterday_condition = Ref(today_condition, -1);

So there is no number for today.

Today's close price on EOD data is

today_price = Close;

Yesterday's close price on EOD data is

yesterday_close = Ref(Close, -1);

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(Also see 3rd table there besides of everything else)

If you refer to intraday data then today's close price is

today_close = TimeFrameGetPrice("C", inDaily, 0);

yesterday's close price on intraday data is

yesterday_close = TimeFrameGetPrice("C", inDaily, -1);


(NOTE: take care of future leaks in backtesting if shift is zero)

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Technically you could use Ref() with zero offset but it is redundant and waste of keystrokes.

thisbar_close = Ref( Close, 0 ); // redundant, don't use

You don't really need to use Ref() at all:

thisbar_close = Close; // just that
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Thank you, this really helps.