What is Voting on Discourse?

Can someone explain how Voting works, and why votes are limited in number?

See this:

I followed the link but couldn’t find the answer…

Why are votes limited (to 3) in number?
Also, the link refers to different types of votes… I got no options when I voted. Should there be? Votes are always positive, I hope?


Voting is always positive. The number of votes available to each user depends on users’ trust level. Trust level is earned when your posts are liked by others or your posts are voted by others. More on trust levels https://meta.discourse.org/t/what-do-user-trust-levels-do/4924

@Tomasz Any chance we could have the number of votes per user increased? I’ve ran out and lost the ability to vote now.

I tripled the number of votes available per trust level. Still I am not sure if voting functionality is worthwhile and if we should just use ‘likes’ (unfortunatelly voting plugin blocks likes on first post)

I tend to agree. I’d be quite happy to see Voting go and just have straightforward Likes. Being able to Like the first post in a thread would be more useful I think.

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