What is wrong with WriteIf in my code

it only show the "FALSE TEXT" in the exploration


testind = WriteIf(RSI_IND < 50,"Long", "Short");

  AddTextColumn(testind, "test", 1.0, colorDefault, colorDefault);

thank you

i try this code below for exploration with different condition using WriteIf


testind = WriteIf( RSI_IND < 25 AND (Ref(RSI_IND,-1) >25) ,"Long1" ,
        WriteIf( RSI_IND < 20 AND (Ref(RSI_IND,-1) >20 ) ,"Long2" ,
        WriteIf( RSI_IND < 20 AND (RSI_IND  > Ref(RSI_IND,-1) ," Long3" ,
        WriteIf (RSI_IND < 20 , "Long4" ," Short"))));
       AddTextColumn(testind, "test", 1.0, colorDefault, colorDefault,100);

thank you

For a single symbol, the value from AddTextColumn will be the same for every output row in an Exploration. You may be able to use AddMultiTextColumn instead.


s1=RSI_IND < 25 AND (Ref(RSI_IND,-1) >25);
s2= RSI_IND < 20 AND (Ref(RSI_IND,-1) >20 );
s3=  RSI_IND < 20 AND (RSI_IND  > Ref(RSI_IND,-1);
s4= RSI_IND < 20 ;

       TextList = "No signal\nLong1 yes\nLong2 yes2\nLong3 yes3\nLong4 yes4";
       TextSelector = 1 * s1 + 2 * s2 + 3 * s3 + 4 * s4; 
  AddMultiTextColumn(TextSelector, TextList  ,"test", 1.0, colorDefault, colorDefault,100);

as the AB (TextList = "No signal\nBuy\nSell\nBuy and Sell"; )

I add one more but not show in the exploration(4 * s4)

is (TextList ) limited to only 4 ?

thank you

No, the text list is not limited to 4 items. For testing purposes, I suggest you output s1, s2, s3, and s4 in your Exploration so that you can verify that s4 actually occurs.

Also, I don't think you've consider what happens when more than one condition is true at a time. For example if s3 and s4 are both true, then your text selector will have a value of 7.

As usual, you understand what i need and the answers are clear

for more about Text List

Really reading the manual is REQUIRED before you do anything.

If you read the manual on WriteIf

you would read this:

Please note that WriteIf returns just single string representing current SelectedValue of the EXPRESSION

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you are right
i read it many times but what can i say.

now i see the word ( current )

thank you

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