What will happen if the parameter "amount" of ApplyStop is greater than 100

I've applied the following code for a Buy order:

ApplyStop( type=stopTypeTrailing, mode=stopModeRisk, amount=1000, exitatstop=1, volatile=True );

Stops only depend on this ApplyStop(), Any other "Stops settings" for Backtester are disabled, With the trade scenario of "Trade next bar on Open, the stops exit INTRADAY";

With prices on next bar are: Open=473; High=492; Low=483; Close=483;
After performing a Backtest, the Analyzer reports the "Ex. Price" is 483,
but according to the " KB 20160128",
when priceAtBuy=473, highSinceBuy=492,
the expected "stopLevel" should be
473 + (492 - 473) * (100 - 1000) / 100 = 302;

However, the expected exit price for a Buy order is a price that falls below 302,
but "Ex. Price = 483" is actually greater than the expected "stopLevel=302",
does it mean that 3rd parameter "amount" of the Applystop cannot greater than 100?

Thank You very much!

It is very likely that all percentage values are limited to not more than 100%.

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