What would the price have to be?

I am looking for some direction and in looking around I have have not found any information regarding this - I am looking to find out what the closing price has to be to have an RSI(14) above 70.

If a stock has a closing price of 175 and the RSI(14) is at 50.28. What would that closing price have to be to have the RSI(14) close above 70?

Is there are way to calculate what the closing price should be to have the RSI(14) close above 70 in AmiBroker?

Thanks for any help/direction.

Do a Google search on “reverse rsi afl” and you will find several solutions.

@CesarA provides an RSI solution on his website.

@howardbandy also has a very elegant solution in his book Quantitative Technical Analysis which can resolve the price level for a given value of almost any single input indicator. The AFL code comes free with the book.

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It originally appeared in Stocks&Commodities http://traders.com/Documentation/FEEDbk_docs/2003/06/Abstracts_new/Siligardos/siligardos.html and http://traders.com/Documentation/FEEDbk_docs/2003/06/TradersTips/TradersTips.html#amibroker2


Thank you everyone for the help/direction. The information was perfect.

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