When the data base nearly full

Hello Tomasz, I have written a realtime data plugin that can be used, but there is a problem that has not been solved. I searched through adk and did not explain it in detail, so I’m here to ask you. Because of my realtime data requirement, I use tick data. So every time the data plugin receives GetQuotesEx() request for new data, it does not only send one new data to AB every time, but when the database is nearly full, problems will occur. I would like to ask, When the data plugin receives GetQuotesEx, what to do when nLastValid add (the number of new data ticks) more then nSize

Any Adv is welcome

Tks Alot


That simple: shift existing data (memmove), so oldest data are removed to make space for new. Do this not every tick , but say once for 1000 ticks. Add new ticks at the end and return smaller nLastValid.